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My Formula for Burning or Cold Feet:

This homeopathic product is the result of 8 years of research and trials due to my frustrations of attempting to find help for my patients experiencing chronic problems with existing treatments for various neuropathies including (BUT NOT LIMITED TO) diabetic neuropathy and symptoms of poor circulation. Helps with numbness.  It contains ingredients that work to relieve burning, stinging, needles, gravel sensations or feet that stay cold. Also found effective for feet that burn from menopause. Some people get long lasting relief from temporary use of Artalgia and some must continue to take the product if symptoms recur. Previously, the ingredients were all dispensed separately and now, in Artalgia, we combine them in one easy to use product.

Homeopathic's are known for their effectiveness and lack of side effects.




Ingredients and What They Treat:    (  BUY all 15 items in one bottle)

hypericum--Nerve endings feel like being pricked, traumatized cerebrospinal system, searing pains aggravated by contact or by being jolted, post zoster pain, painful scars. Calms the nerves.

phosphorus--Localized burning, Hemorrhagic conditions, hepatic degeneration,
degenerative renal conditions, dizziness, overall burning, congested feeling.

secale--Arteritis, acrocyanosis, Raynaud's disease, vasomotor migraines, hemorrhage with black blood.

Plumbum--Pain aggravated by contact with bed sheets, shooting neuralgic pains, trembling, pain cramps, chronic arteritis.

carbovegetabilis--Sensations of burning on the inside and freezing on the outside, of cold and weakness with the need to be fanned or sticking feet out from under the bed covers, of being burned by live coals. Skin appears to have blackish blood.

agaricus--Shivering due to various causes, chilblains.

arnica--Stiffness, muscular pain, aggravated by damp cold.

rhus tox--Rheumatism, muscular fatigue, rheumatism aggravated by humidity.

mercurius--Tendency to ulcerations.

allium--Flu, hay fever, traumatic neuralgia, neuralgia of the phantom limb.

barta--Arterial hypertension due to arteriosclerosis.

carduus--Congestion of the veins.

glonoinum--Vasomotor disorders during menopause, congestive headaches, dizziness due to cerebral congestion.

hamamelis--Passive hemorrhage syndrome, varicose veins, hemorrhoids.

pulsatilla--Pain of varicose veins, heaviness in the legs, chilblains.

ginkgo - herb for increasing amount of oxygen carried by the blood
Alcohol - as a preservative ( if this is a problem just put product in juice
and alcohol will evaporate, then drink juice )

use 5-10 drops by mouth 3 times a day. The 1 oz bottle has 360 drops.


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