Quite frankly,
I was more than a little skeptical about Artalgia when I first decided to try it. But not now. Artalgia has definitely proven to
be a big, big help to me. It really does work.
Ted Gustafson

















FAQ: Here you will find the answers to some of your questions.


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Q: Is this just a pain killer?

No, it works to increase blood flow and actually help the area. This should reduce numbness

Q: Do Directions Come With it ?

yes, here is a copy Direction Sheet


 Yes it works for neuropathy other then Diabetic, I just mention diabetes because its so common.

treatment success usually takes 1-3 weeks. It depends on the length of time the problem has occurred, other conditions, severity of condition and etc. When I used this in the office success was high because I ask patients all the right questions. I cannot do that over the internet
and so some take it even though their condition is not actually neuropathy. Success rate has dropped to about 60% because of this random quality.

Q: What do I get ?

each 1 oz bottle of liquid lasts about 3 weeks. The liquid goes in your mouth.

Q: Does Ginkgo herb effect my coumadin blood thinner?

The amount of Ginkgo that could cause a reaction looks to be about 400mg per day.  Artalgia product Using 10 drops 3 times per day of Artalgia you would be providing about 15mg per day.  Thus to effect your coumadin therapy you would need 80 doses or 800 drops.  The Ginkgo is there for the flavor to cover up the other items.

Q: I read your web site and I still have a question!

my mother is 77 years old and has severe burning feet, she cant sleep at night because of this she has to soak her feet several times a night in cold water just to get some relief. the Dr put her on Neurotin and this makes her very dizzy and cant control her balance we are afraid if she takes it she will fall. please help me find some answers ---

I created this product for just this very reason, please read this section and all the others.

Q: What is in it?

the following is a list of the ingredients in my product ARTALGIA (Artalgia).
what each ingredient does is explained at the ingredients list button to the left:
(for details check the formula page at the top)

phosphorus--homeopathic dilution
secale-homeopathic dilution
plumbum--homeopathic dilution
carbovegetabilis--homeopathic dilution
agaricus--homeopathic dilution
arnica--homeopathic dilution
Rhus tox--homeopathic dilution
mercurius--homeopathic dilution
barta--homeopathic dilution
carduus--homeopathic dilution
glonoinum--homeopathic dilution
hamamelis--homeopathic dilution
pulsatilla-homeopathic dilution
Ginkgo - herb

Interactions FAQ and Information

Artalgia is a homeopathic medicine. Historically the benefit of this type of product is that there are no side effects and you can thus mix it with other meds. Please note that Artalgia does increase blood flow and thus patients on heart meds should add it slowly to their current prescriptions. You can tell you have too much because you get a headache. The treatment is to cut the dose in half and build up.  Patients with less then 25% kidney function often have problems with my product due to the blood flow.  Start with 2 drops and work up.

Order FAQ and Information
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FAQ on credit cards
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Please keep in mind the law frowns on diagnosis and treatment of a total stranger via phone and if you talk to me I will be polite, and non committal. Sorry, but the lawyers make me this way!